• How To Joint & Plane Large Boards on a CNC

    Here are some tricks and tips how to surface wood on a CNC machine. If your board is too large for your jointer and planer, then this is a great way to go. Become a patron: patreon.com/darbinorvar

    1/2 inch spiral upcut bit: amzn.to/3w9HVCQ
    Ryobi glue gun: amzn.to/3qCQOUg
    2 in surfacing bit: amzn.to/365hymX

    Avid CNC machine: www.avidcnc.com/
    Vectric software: www.vectric.com/

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    Camera & Gear Links (Some are newer versions)

    DJI Spark – amzn.to/2FmpQHi
    Rode Pro Mic – amzn.to/2xTXrW8
    Canon 80D – amzn.to/2zbFLXw
    Canon Rebel SL2 – amzn.to/2GTR8ue
    Canon 10-18mm – amzn.to/2ipJqZP
    Canon 50mm 1.4 – amzn.to/2xSuoSF
    Tamron 17-50 – amzn.to/2xRZpGp
    Sony Movie Studio – amzn.to/2iqHoIE
    Wacom Tablet – amzn.to/2xSRDfm
    Rode Wireless Go – amzn.to/2ObucsG

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