• How To Charge RV Batteries While Driving & Not Drain Your Truck

    Is it a good idea to charge your camper / rv batteries through the alternator in your tow vehicle? Is it even worth it, how much power can you get…. and what if it kills your truck batteries? Those are some things I work on in this next series in the teardrop camper build.

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    Going from 12 to 24 volt: www.christonium.com/darbinorvar/going-from-a-12-volt-to-a-24-volt-off-grid-electrical-system

    Potential Products for Tow Vehicle Charging (Some Are Affiliate)
    Smart Battery Isolator: amzn.to/3dblQNE
    DC to DC Charger: amzn.to/2Sq7odf
    7 Pin Connector: amzn.to/2U5xDX6

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    Camera & Gear Links (Some are newer versions)

    DJI Spark – amzn.to/2FmpQHi
    Rode Pro Mic – amzn.to/2xTXrW8
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    Canon 50mm 1.4 – amzn.to/2xSuoSF
    Tamron 17-50 – amzn.to/2xRZpGp
    Sony Movie Studio – amzn.to/2iqHoIE
    Wacom Tablet – amzn.to/2xSRDfm
    Rode Wireless Go – amzn.to/2ObucsG

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