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    Illicit drug abuse usage has gone up. High school kids can now get drugs through a friend, through word-of-mouth and on the Internet. According to the Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse, 40% of high school seniors, 30% of 10th graders and 13% of 8th-grade kids have used drugs. 76 % of these teenagers, buy these prescription pills illegally through online pharmacies – a click and they are purchasing the drug. Buying drugs online has become much easier nowadays. Internet safety has become a major concern to parents and guardians.
    Different factors cause teen drug abuse, from curiosity to desire for social acceptance and insecurity. The most problematic issue is that teens lie about using drugs and alcohol and in some cases, it might be too late for parents to interfere.
    The mSpy app prevents this from happening. It has more than 25 features to help stop your kid from getting involved in drugs.
    Some of these features are:
    • Facebook messenger
    • Snapchat
    • LINE
    • Viber
    • WhatsApp
    • Skype
    • LINE
    • Viber
    • Emails
    • Keylogger
    • Keyword search
    • Telegram
    • SMS, MMS
    • call logs
    • Tinder
    And much more features – www.mspy.com/

    With the keylogger feature, you get to see all keystrokes typed on the keyboard of your kid’s device. This enables you to get records of all that is typed in the incognito browser. The mSpy also monitors the browser history and bookmarks on your kid’s device. Hence you get to see all the search patterns to know if your kid is doing drugs or not.
    Also, the chats on social media messaging apps are one of the mediums through which drugs are sold online. mSpy monitors a host of these apps. You get to see the chat message itself, with details like timestamp and dates.
    Real-time GPS location tracking to know where exactly your kid is at every time. Know if they are with gangs at forbidden zones with the Geofencing feature.
    The keyword search allows you to set word search parameters and you will be alerted should a forbidden word be typed in any app. In addition, you get to view all applications installed on the target device. Block the apps that you feel are in relation to drugs usage.

    This parental control app works for Android and iPhones. You can check for the compatibility on this page: www.mspy.com/

    mSpy is the parental control app that understands parents need with an all in one app. Safeguard your kids from drug usage with mSpy.

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