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    There are over 750,000 registered sex offenders online in the USA. And about 7 000 000 online predators worldwide are active always. Online predators are mean. They pretend to be friends with kids online and later take advantage of these kids. They are mostly men in the range of 18 -55 years. So in short online predators are adults know pretend to be children, become friends with other kids online, gain their trust and later sexually exploit them or physically harm them.

    Kids are mostly online doing their assignments, playing games or socializing. But how do parents ensure they are safe online? Internet safety is a huge concern when it comes to kids. That is why you need a parental control app to help know who is chatting with your kid, who has been calling them and even where they go.
    And you need one of the best parental control apps – mSpy – www.mspy.com/

    How does mSpy protects your kids from online predators?

    mSpy parental control app covers all avenues these predators use. You will have to install it on your kid’s device. With the app installed on the target device, you get to see all chats on social media messaging apps and other apps like:

    • Facebook messenger
    • Snapchat
    • LINE
    • Viber
    • WhatsApp
    • Skype
    • LINE
    • Viber
    • Emails
    • Keylogger
    • Keyword search
    • Telegram
    • SMS, MMS
    • call logs
    • Tinder
    And much more features – www.mspy.com/

    mSpy works on both Androids and iPhones.
    Check our compatibility page – www.mspy.com/

    With these features being monitored by the mSpy you get to know if any online predator is targeting your kid or not. Helping you stop the harm before it starts.
    You get to see chat details – name of senders, time stamps and be able to read the messages too.

    Online predators do not only thrive through messaging apps, once they gain the kid’s confidence, they begin to call them. With mSpy parental app, you get to see all new contacts added to your kid’s phone book and call logs details. So if your kid starts receiving calls from strange numbers you will be aware and open up a conversation with him/her to know who that person is. If they are even real as they seem to be.

    Additionally, you get to view all websites your kid visits, get access to the browser history and even if they do browse in incognito mode you get access to those links because the keylogger feature mSpy parental app provides captures all keystrokes typed on the keyboard.

    The Geofencing and GPS location features alert you of any route or destination you are not aware that is taken by your kid. You receive detailed reports on route history and you can set boundaries of where your kid should be and the prohibited ones.

    Internet safety for kids and teenagers should never be taken lightly. These online predators are heartless
    Do not let your beloved ones be a victim to any online predator. Protect them with mSpy Parental control app.

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